Too often women focus on the negative aspects of their periods - the discomfort, the distractions... and it’s for good reason as periods can be quite debilitating.

By putting so much attention on their period problems, women often ignore their natural rhythm and cycles and therefore unnecessarily work against themselves. 

In this article, we want to take a moment to talk about how you can harness the power of your periods for improved productivity.

When you understand how your hormones behave
in the four phases of your cycle, you can work WITH the natural qualities within each phase; leveraging the potential benefits and being more productive - or as we like to call it, working
smarter not harder.

You can take advantage of your cycle to optimize project schedules, improve workouts, and become a happier, healthier you.

Women's Health Expert and creator of FloLiving, Alisa Vitti says:"Women are seeking to shift the imbalances created by the patriarchy. We must stop modeling our lives on a masculine biochemical 24-hour schedule. It's time to work based on a female paradigm of productivity, success, and fulfillment."

Exploring productivity at work, home, or within activities and hobbies through a
female paradigm of working with your cycles, could dramatically shift how present, creative, and effective you are in your career, with your children, and in everything you’re involved in.

Learning to align your work and life activities with your female hormonal cycle has been an approach that’s becoming more common in helping women harness their energy and productivity.

In an interview with Forbes Magazine on the topic of periods and productivity, Nicole Centeno, CEO of Splendid Spoon, says: I co-parent my two young boys (I'm divorced) and I am the CEO so, while this may sound blunt, I really have zero tolerance for anything that could adversely affect my ability to spend time with my kids or manage my team effectively. I only adopt things that make a measurable positive difference in my life.” 

She pays attention to and tracks her cycle because she says “it helps take advantage of energy spikes at different points of the month.”

So yes, while your period may present problems each month, this is an invitation to shift your perspective to ALSO acknowledge what IS going right in your cycles and leverage it for your greater good. It is time to accept and embrace your period as a sign of being a healthy, vibrant woman.

Check out our article on Ending & Transforming Period Shame to help embrace your period.

When you learn more about your cycle you can use it to improve your life through understanding the natural flow of your hormones and the effects they have on your body. You can also learn to stop working against yourself and stop sabotaging yourself.  You can take advantage of your cycle to optimize project schedules, improve workouts, and become a happier, healthier you.  

In our article, Understanding Your Cycle, you can discover what’s happening with your hormones and your body in each cycle.  


The menstrual cycle is divided into 4 phases; each associated with specific hormonal influences. 

Here’s a quick overview of each phase of your menstrual cycle, the patterns aligned with each phase, and the patterns that contradict each phase.

Menstrual Cycle Phases

Aligned Patterns

Contradicting Patterns

Phase 1:
Follicular Phase

Productivity Queen

  • Best time for productivity
  • Peak of creative expression
  • Take risks, start new projects, form new ideas
  • Extreme multitasking
  • Brainstorming is ideal
  • Spending the day at the spa trying to relax and doing nothing

Phase 2:
Ovulation Phase

Queen of Communication

  • Peak communication skills
  • Heightened verbal skills
  • Receptive to new ideas 
  • Have important conversations
  • You’re irresistible - negotiate deals, ask for a raise, work with vendors
  • Working on projects in isolation
  • Putting off difficult conversations or interactions

Phase 3:
Luteal Phase

Queen of Execution

  • Focus on routine, administrative type tasks
  • Pay attention to minute details
  • Wrap up projects, bring things to completion
  • Simplified schedule
  • Be kind and gentle with your body - less intense workout
  • Visionary project planning
  • Starting new projects
  • Back-to-back appointments

Phase 4:
Menstruation Phase

Goddess of Reflection

  • Honor yourself
  • Rest, rejuvenation and reflection
  • Course correction
  • Clear clutter and create space for yourself - clean out drawers, desks and closets, rearrange rooms
  • Increase meditative practices
  • Forcing through tasks and duties that may be screaming for your attention
  • Hectic meeting schedules


Have you ever felt like you’re on hyperdrive and you can accomplish a million things in one hour without getting exhausted? 

It’s probably the effect of your hormones from the 1st and 2nd phases of your cycle.

Does a schedule with back-to-back meetings one week excite you, while leaving you drained another week? 

It could be because you’re forcing yourself and not listening to your body during the 3rd phase of your cycle.

Do you wonder why you sometimes feel sluggish and just don’t care whether you complete a project on time (even if you’re extremely passionate about the project)? 

It may be because you’re working against your natural hormones in the 4th phase of your menstrual cycle.

From high-power CEOs, to Olympic athletes, and even with the everyday woman, more and more women are using what is called “cycle mapping” to help them organize their lives to leverage the benefits of their hormones and be in flow with each phase of their cycle. 

Cycle mapping is described as the science of mapping your training regime, work schedule, and life activities to your menstrual cycle for
maximum physical and psychological benefits.  

It has become a game-changer for women looking to gain insight into all areas of their life. Once just a tool for women trying to get pregnant or diagnose menstrual problems, cycle mapping is now being used to help sportswomen optimize training, executives catapult their careers, and stay-at-home moms set themselves up for success. 

The USA women's soccer team adopted the approach of menstrual cycle tracking and tracked their player's periods in the lead up to the 2019 Women's World Cup. 

In addition to increased scientific research coming out about cycle mapping, it is also receiving endorsements of Olympians like Jessica Ennis Hill, an English track and field athlete who won the Gold medal in the heptathlon during the 2012 London Olympics.

Most women push through their lives without actually pausing and listening to their body. As our hormones naturally fluctuate throughout our monthly cycle, we feel different and are motivated in different ways.  Taking advantage of this can change your life.

By syncing your professional life and your personal life with your female cycle, it allows you to be more efficient, productive and to stay in peak creative flow. Your body gives you the master plan for creating life—as well as organizing our life. You can embrace it and use it.

Promoting improved hormonal balance through all four phases of your menstrual cycle allows you to take advantage of the varying advantages, benefits, and strengths as your cycle progresses. 

With the stress, craziness and hectic schedules of women’s lives today, integrating Perfect Period.® into your daily regime is a healthy alternative for the support of your hormonal balance naturally. 

In doing so, each of the four cycles are operating at optimal levels and you can be your most productive self.  Perfect Period can help reduce or eliminate the discomfort and distractions your period problems can cause; helping you be more productive.


Get started on Perfect Period.® today and balance your hormones naturally.


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