The 5 Steps to a Perfect Period

Balancing Your Monthly Cycle (and Overall Well-Being) the Natural Way


There are so many things in this world that we can’t control as women - your periods should not be one of them. 

Do you struggle with different issues related to your periods?  

Or maybe you used to struggle with them, or there’s someone close to you who struggles with their periods?


Yeah, it’s way too common.  That’s why we’re writing this article, because this one aspect of a woman’s life can influence the quality of every other part of her life. It’s so significant that we believe you should do whatever you can to get rid of the challenges with your period once and for all.


There are three key factors that affect the quality of your period, and how your body feels before, during and after your period: 

  1. Hormonal balance (specifically estrogen and progesterone)
  2. Inflammation   
  3. Thyroid function


Now, since we’re not doctors, we won’t go into the thyroid function in this article - we recommend that you have a conversation with your doctor about the impact this might be having on your periods.

In this article, we’ll focus on handling your hormones and inflammation. 


The more you can naturally balance your hormones and minimize inflammation,
the more you can positively impact your periods.


You’ll learn about some simple tips and resources for each of the 5 steps below.  When we can spend more time together, we’ll go deeper into each of these areas to really understand how they could affect your periods, and we’ll also share specific actions you can take for positive change in your overall well-being. 


The 5 Steps to a Perfect Period 

Step 1:  Naturally Balance Your Internal Hormones 

Step 2:  Eliminate External Toxins 

Step 3:  Fuel Your Body

Step 4:  Strengthen Your Body 

Step 5:  Balance the Emotional


Step 1:  Naturally Balance Your Internal Hormones.  

Over 30 years ago, we developed our unique herbal formula, Perfect Period®. This formula supports the balancing of women’s hormones naturally - it works with YOUR hormones to help bring them into balance.

In the subsequent steps, we’ll share changes you can make to your environment, the foods you eat, and the products you use that will positively impact your hormones. But, we all know that sometimes changes, such as the ones we’ll recommend, can be easier said than done.  We understand that. Perhaps you have kids you need to parent and the last thing you need to deal with is what containers your food is stored in, or maybe you’re working and life is so busy that you barely think about changes like these. Make your life easier - integrate Perfect Period into your daily routine. This can help combat some of the external stressors and influencers that may be harder to manage.  

When you want better periods it’s ideal to
quickly start supporting your body’s natural hormonal balance. 

And you can do this without having to add chemicals to your body. Our Perfect Period formula supports that process naturally.  

Once you get things working and more balanced on the inside, you can then turn your attention outward - to your environment. 

That takes us to step 2.  

Step 2:  Eliminate External Toxins.

In today’s world, women are bombarding their bodies with everyday products that contain harmful chemicals and toxins that contribute to hormones being out of balance - and most often women aren’t even aware of what they’re doing to themselves.  When your hormones are out of balance, your periods are . . . not fun! 

It’s important to stop causing your body to have to work harder than necessary for your overall health.

Did you know that the average woman uses 9 personal care products daily?  Some reports indicate that women use 12 products and others report even more - and that’s just for our cosmetics, lotions and creams.  With most of these products, women expose themselves to toxins and harmful chemicals that negatively affect their periods.

There are 5 key environmental toxins that may be causing issues with your periods:

1.  Household cleaners

2.  Laundry supplies

3.  Cosmetics, lotions and creams to look beautiful

4.  Plastic containers

5.  Household fragrances like room sprays or fragrant candles

We can’t go into each of these toxins to the depth they deserve in this article, but for now the bottom line is:

  • do your research
  • read ingredients
  • use glass, not plastic
  • avoid anything with “fragrances” listed as an ingredient. (Did you know these are toxic chemicals?)


The Environmental Working Group is a resource we recommend.   

They scour thousands of products to determine whether they are safe to use or should be avoided. You can search just about any product
at to determine whether you want to keep using it or to understand whether and why you should avoid it.

A seemingly small change you can make that can have a profound impact on the quality of your periods is to clear out that old, messy drawer filled with plastic containers and mismatched lids. 

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used to harden plastics and is often found within these day-to-day items.  Exposure to BPA is of special concern as it is a chemical that mimics estrogen and can cause hormonal imbalances -- in men as well as women.  Studies have shown that chemicals can leach out of plastics into the foods we eat and beverages we drink; especially when these plastics are heated (in a microwave or by leaving them in your car on a hot, sunny day for example), scratched, or have rough surfaces (often so with older, heavily used containers).

Exposing your body to different, toxic chemicals has a direct correlation to your hormones being in or out of balance… and thereby also impacts whether your period is out of balance as well.

The next time you’re dealing with period issues,
think about the plastics you’re exposing yourself to bit-by-bit each day.


When you can make different, conscious choices about what you expose your body to, you can help your body work easier to achieve optimal health.

And when it’s difficult to make these changes, that’s where Perfect Period can assist your body in overcoming these imbalances.

Step 3: Fuel Your Body.

You are what you eat … and your periods are a direct reflection of that.  The foods you eat can contribute to the levels of inflammation in your body.  While inflammation is a healthy part of the body healing itself when injured, too much inflammation over time can contribute to negative effects on your periods.

Here are 6 inflammation-causing foods to avoid:

1.  Sugar and fructose corn syrup - the two main types of sugar added to the Western diet that increase inflammation.

2.  Trans fats - these are often listed as partially hydrogenated oils and found in margarines.

3.  Vegetable and seed oils

4.  Refined carbohydrates - they raise blood sugar levels and promote inflammation

5.  Excessive alcohol

6.  Processed meat



  • Fill your body with natural, organic foods. 
  • Follow a Mediterranean type diet 
  • Drink enough water

We also recommend keeping a Food Log. This is a simple way to track what you’re eating every day, the emotions you’re feeling, and your energy level on a given day.  When you track these items over a 30 day period, you can begin to see patterns and correlations between your energy, emotional state, and diet that may be negatively impacting your periods. 

You can change the habits you track.  

You have control over factors like your diet.  To stay as healthy as possible, keep inflammation down by minimizing your consumption of foods that contribute to it.

Step 4:  Strengthen Your Body.

With this step we’re not just talking about exercise. Yes, that’s important, and I know you already know that.  Today, I want to challenge you to expand and reframe your thinking.  Include things like chiropractic care, and look at what else you can do to strengthen your body.

When it comes to women’s wellness and supporting healthy menstrual cycles (and all aspects of your health), at the core of all of this is movement - getting out of your head and into your body, and moving your body.  Specifically, moving your body in ways that support the expression of the feminine - that might include yoga, dancing, getting out in nature, swimming, sensual movement, and Qoya just to name a few.

Most of all, moving your body in a way that feels good to you.


The more you move your body, the more you will have an increased body-awareness and greater self-expression.  This leads to an increase in confidence, and a consciousness about prioritizing self-care.

Overall, it leads to better support of what your body needs, like endorphins and nitric oxide to name a couple, in order to function at its optimal level - for all aspects of your health, including your periods.  When your body creates enough nitric oxide, your cells stay healthier and function well and it allows your body to maintain health by solving problems.

All of this has a direct impact on the quality of your period.  So the next time you’re taking a quick dancebreak or participating in a yoga class, it’s not just for the fun of it, or to help with flexibility.  Know that you are positively impacting your periods and overall health and well being.

Step 5: Balance the Emotional.

Your emotions, mindset, energy, and spirit can have a significant impact on your overall well-being - and on your period.  The more stress you have in your life, then the more your brain secretes cortisol, the stress hormone.  Women’s bodies are designed to handle some amount of cortisol - after all, it helps keep us safe in a dark alley or in a dangerous situation. However, too much cortisol repeatedly running through your body over a period of time contributes to your hormones being out of balance - which, as we said before, leads to your periods ... not being fun.

Practice stress-reducing activities - meditation, going for a walk, creative expression, yoga, enjoying a hot bath - these practices support your brain in releasing nitric oxide instead of cortisol.  And the more your body can create nitric oxide, the healthier your body is and the happier you are … the natural way. 

The happier and, less-stressed you are, the better your periods will be!

So to recap… to have perfect periods and overall better wellness:

Step 1:  Balance Your Internal Hormones 

Step 2:  Eliminate External Toxins 

Step 3:  Fuel Your Body

Step 4:  Strengthen Your Body 

Step 5:  Balance the Emotional


As we said earlier, sometimes the types of changes we’ve recommended are easier said than done.  We understand that.  Remember, integrating Perfect Period into your daily routine can help combat some of the external stressors and influencers that may be harder to manage.  

We believe that your period is something to be celebrated, not just tolerated or treated.


Accepting problems during your cycles is something that women have done through the ages.  And it’s unnecessary.  With a bit of knowledge, like we shared with you today, and with some support and key adjustments in your daily life, you too can Balance Your Monthly Cycle (and Overall Well-Being) the Natural Way.

For more information about our Perfect Period herbal formula or to buy a bottle, go to and get started balancing your hormones the natural way today.


It’s time you had a happy, healthy period.

Melinda Cohan
Kenda, LLC